Scott 2016 27.5+ mountain bikes revealed

Scott plus-sizes some of its well-established MTB models

While it seems some manufacturers are approaching the new ‘plus’ wheel size with a little caution, Scott appears to be fully committed, launching 11 new plus bikes across its mountain bike range. Established models including the Scale, Genius and Genius LT all receive the 27.5+ treatment, along with Scott’s new electric full suspension offering, the E-Genius.


We headed out to Massa Vecchia, Italy to find out all about the bikes and see how they behave on the trails.

The details

“Go for Plus and find an entirely new riding experience”, Scott Sports claims. But what are the contributing factors that could, potentially at least, sway people towards these fatter beasts?


Scott worked closely with German tyre company, Schwalbe on this project and tested a variety of different widths before settling on the 2.8in tyres seen here. “In the beginning we had 3in tyres. That’s what we started with. When we started doing test rides, we decided that this wasn’t the best size because they have a negative effect on the agility of the bike”, says Schwalbe’s head of product management Marcus Hachmeyer.

Settling on 2.8in tyres meant wheel weight and rolling resistance was reduced (compared with the early 3in prototypes) and the bike became more nimble on the trail. In fact, Schwalbe claims the rolling resistance of the new 2.8in tyre is only one percent higher compared with a 2.35in tyre.