Sea Otter Classic introducing incentivised recycling programme

Chuck your stuff correctly, redeem a ticket for goodies

The April 16-19 Sea Otter Classic will introduce a new environmental footprint reduction programme this year, offering attendees who throw recyclables in the correct bin a ‘ticket’ to redeem for prizes at a designated Zero Waste Store.


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is sponsoring this programme with 30,000 recyclable bottle caps, which will act as redeemable ‘tickets’ for more than 2,000 donated goods from exhibitors and local businesses.

“People might think they are doing all they can by having a recycling bin at home, but at events, they just don’t make the extra effort,” Sea Otter Classic president and CEO Frank Yohannan said. “This programme will make recycling fun – competitive even – and educate our attendees about how easy it is to utilize the special recycling bins that we set up all over the venue.”

Bottle caps can be redeemed at the Zero Waste Store for a variety of items, including bike clothes, socks, hats, energy drinks, stickers, water bottles, books, videos, bike parts, sunglasses, reusable grocery bags, and more. Attendees will also have an option to throw their lot into a raffle, held April 17 – 19, for a Thule rack system.

The benefits of carpooling and being green

According to Yohannan, there are other options for an environmentally-friendly weekend at Sea Otter. Anyone driving into the Laguna Seca Raceway in a hybrid or other alternative fuel vehicle will be able to park in the reserved parking near the Sea Otter Village, courtesy of Toyota. Carpools of four or more people will also be able to park in reserved parking.

For the truly hard-core, anti-car attendees, follow Clif Bar’s lead and ride your bike to the venue.

The sea otter classic is held every april at the laguna seca raceway in monterey, california.:
Sea Otter Classic

Clif Bar’s staff has done it for three years in a row, once even riding all the way from their Berkeley, California headquarters. Their Two-Mile Challenge programme urges everyone to bike (instead of drive) any trip that is two miles or less, and their energy bar wrapper collection programme will create backpacks, gym totes and other products out of used wrappers. This year, they will also sponsor the bike commute for the Bicycle Leadership Conference attendees to the venue on Friday.

“The Sea Otter Classic has consistently been one of our most successful events in terms of the recyclables they keep out of the garbage stream, and the involvement they inspire from the individuals at the event,” said Matt Fore, supervising environmental health specialist with Monterey County Health Department Recycling Services. “It takes a real commitment to stay in the forefront of people’s minds on a subject like recycling. Sea Otter has an excellent record for an event that sees the public only once a year.”


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