See behind the scenes at Intense

Boss posts video showing welders at work

A welder at work at Intense Cycles

Intense’s head honcho Jeff Steber has been working on a new video project showing his welders at work. The short film, called Do Not Watch The Ark (sic), takes you behind the scene’s at the company’s factory in Temecula, California.


Jeff said: “This is my first video with the [Canon Eos] 5D2 and my first video project in iMovie. I picked up the 5D2 to get back into photography after a 20-year break from film photography so this is also my introduction to digital, other than point-and-shoot cameras I’ve owned. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the incredible HD capabilities of this camera and trying to focus on its strengths and not the weaknesses I’ve read about. I guess my lack of video knowledge has helped me in some ways as I have nothing else to compare it to.”


Do Not Watch The Ark from jeff steber on Vimeo.