#ShareTheRoadUK – BikeRadar’s response

Debate is good, but we don't agree with compulsory testing for cyclists


Yesterday we published a story on BikeRadar backing car insurance company ingenie’s #ShareTheRoadUK campaign. That story has now been taken offline.


While we agreed to take part in the debate about cycle safety, we don’t advocate compulsory testing before cyclists are allowed on the roads. That was never part of the story we published. As soon as we realised what had been said, we asked ingenie to correct their statement and BikeRadar withdrew our support from the campaign.


We do feel that there needs to be ongoing debate about this issue, which is why we’ve supported and publicised similar campaigns in the past, such as Fiat’s Lets Clear the Air and The Times Cities Fit for Cycling. This latest campaign has certainly fuelled that debate and we’re not surprised that it’s raised some strong views. But we at BikeRadar are absolutely focused on the two core principles of safety for all road users and responsible use of the roads.