Shorts: Aitor, Magnus, Colom

Aitor's management team hope he will be cleared of doping, Backstedt fails with hour record attempt,

Aitor’s management team hope he will be cleared of doping, Backstedt fails with hour record attempt,



While waiting for the results of the counter-analysis carried out on Euskaltel rider Aitor Gonzalez, who tested positive for anabolic steroids at the Tour of Spain, the riders’ representatives have revealed that the positive tests are the result of use of a contaminated dietary supplement. “We are going to affirm that Aitor is innocent,” the rider’s manager, Angel Buenache, told Marca.

“The tests we have had carried out confirm his innocence. The specialists have shown that the metabolites that appeared in his urine were from a product, which has been widely authorised, but was contaminated.” Although Buenache refused to name the product, Marca said it believed the product was Animal Pak. “The most bizarre thing is that the metabolites don’t help to improve cycling performance, but just the opposite, since it ‘blocks’ the muscles,” said Buenache. “Therefore it’s clear that there was no deliberate intention.”

– Welsh-based Swede Magnus Backstedt failed in his attempt to break the world derny hour record in Newport on Saturday. Using a huge gear of 60×12, the Liquigas-Bianchi rider achieved a distance of 58.250km, more than 7km less than holder Matth Pronk’s record mark. Backstedt did, however, say that he would make a future attempt on the record.

– Illes Balears-Caisse d’Epargne rider Toni Colom was among the thousands caught up in the horror and devastation caused when Hurricane Wilma hit the Mexican resort of Cancun last week. Colom was on his honeymoon with new wife Irene Garcia and could not get a flight out of the resort before the hurricane made landfall. “We spent three days locked up in the room, without water, light, telephone or food,” the newly-wed rider told AS.

“For the first 36 hours all we had to eat between the two of us was two sandwiches and an apple. We put furniture up against the door but water was still coming in.” The nightmare trip continued even after the hurricane had passed. Colom and his wife spent the next three days foraging for food in other hotel rooms because the hotel staff were unable to provide any.

“The worst thing was not the hurricane, because at the end of the day these things happen, but the treatment we received from the staff, who laughed at us when they said they had no food, and we could see that some of them were drunk,” said Colom. “Some did have food, but were selling it at outrageous prices. Some tourists fought with each other because they were at their wit’s end.” Colom added that the nightmare trip continued even when they went to the airport for the flight home, as there were long waits which again led to fights among tourists.


– Leon Leon Sanchez, elder brother of Liberty Seguros rider Luis Leon, has died following an accident on a quad bike. Taken to hospital with serious injuries, the 23 year old, who was a very good amateur rider, died later.