Shorts: Di Luca, Knetemann, Kohut

Di Luca goes into recording studio in Pantani's memory, race organised to pay homage to Gerrie Knete

Di Luca goes into recording studio in Pantani’s memory, race organised to pay homage to Gerrie Knete



Already professional cycling’s leading performer based on victory in the ProTour last season, Danilo Di Luca has added another string to his bow by making a record with four other leading Italian sports stars – racing drivers Jarno Trulli and Alex Zanardi, European volleyball champion Alberto Cisolla, and rugby international Denis Dallan.

The quintet have recorded the song Apri il cielo – Open the Sky – in memory of Marco Pantani. Proceeds from the sale of the single will go to charity next year. Composer Elisabetta Mondini, who previously worked with Pantani on the song E adesso pedala – Get on the Bike, said: “We decided to gather a group of athletes again in his memory. Why did we choose Di Luca? Because he raced a magic season; because he has an attractive character which makes him popular. And also because he is fond of music.”

As long-time procycling readers will know from a visit to Di Luca’s house a few seasons back, the Liquigas-Bianchi rider has played the drums since he was a child. “I like music very much and spending a day in a recording studio was great,” said the rider known as ‘Killer’. “According to the technicians, our performance was good. Now we are looking forward to singing on stage.” This appearance may take place at the famous San Remo Festival next year.

– A homage to Dutch cycling great Gerrie Knetemann will take place next season in the form of a one-day race on June 28 between the Dutch towns of Arnhem and Rhenen. The organisers of the event had wanted to get the race on the UCI calendar but missed the deadline date. It is hoped the race will become a permanent fixture and feature on the calendar in future seasons.


– Polish rider Slawomir Kohut remains in a coma after being in collision with a car while out training on Tuesday. Marco Tozzi, from the Pole’s Miche team, told Tuttobiciweb that Kohut’s condition had worsened slightly during Wednesday, and surgeons were awaiting the right conditions to carry out an operation to reduce internal bleeding.