Shorts: Lance movie, Kelme, Lotto

att Damon to play Lance in new movie? Kelme's football link-up moves closer, new Belgian team makes

att Damon to play Lance in new movie? Kelme’s football link-up moves closer, new Belgian team makes

PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE According to reports on the Sky News TV channel, actor Matt Damon is being lined up to play the role of Lance Armstrong in a film based on the US Postal team leader’s life, which is tentatively due for release in 2006. No other names have been mentioned for the mooted film, but procycling feels there are some obvious candidates. The Johan Bruyneel role would surely suit the Muscles from Brussels’ himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme. The George Hincapie role of faithful lieutenant with the good looks that breaks the hearts of female fans would suit Damon’s movie sidekick Ben Affleck perfectly. And if Ben came be persuaded, why not call in J-Lo to play Sheryl Crow? Any suggestions on who you would like to see playing characters from Lance’s life can be sent to us at Kelme interesting football club Following Monday’s story about the Comunitat Valenciana-Kelme team being taken over by the Elche football club in Spain, the club’s president, Ramon Sanchez, has confirmed that discussions are taking place with this goal in mind. A centre of sporting excellence is under construction at Elche, a city given World Heritage status that is close to Alicante, and Sanchez and his team would like to see cycling become one of the main sports catered for at the centre. CV-Kelme’s economic problems have been many and well reported over the past few months, and Sanchez has made clear that, even if an agreement is not reached immediately, then negotiations should continue in the longer term. Van Petegem signs with new Belgian team Peter Van Petegem has signed a two-year deal with the new Lotto-Omega Pharma team that will be launched next season. The new team will come about thanks to a union of the Lotto-Domo and Bodysol-Brustor outfits. “The aim is to go into the Pro Tour with a new team,” said Lotto directeur sportif Marc Sergeant. “We have already reached agreement with Serge Baguet, Gert Steegmans, Wim Vansevenant, Jan Kuyckx, Wim Van Huffel and now with Peter Van Petegem.” Negotiations with Robbie Mc Ewen, Bjorn Leukemans, Nick Gates and Henk Vogels are ongoing and are said to be positive. Among those being mentioned as possible directeurs sportifs for the new team are Herman Frison, Hendrik Redant, Claude Criquielion and Rik Van Slijcke.