Shorts: Team folds, Pantani statue

Holland is left with just one major pro team as a key sponsor pulls out; Cesenatico announces a comp


PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE The Dutch Bankgiroloterij team is set to fold after its main sponsor revealed that it is pulling out of pro cycling after five years. Team manager Arend Scheppink has been searching for a new backer to step into the breach, but has failed to do so, leaving 11 riders looking for new teams. One of them, Matth Pronk has been offered a contract by for next season. ú Cesenatico, the home town of Marco Pantani, has announced a competition to find a design for a statue of ‘il pirata’ that will stand somewhere in the town as a monument to the late 1998 Giro d’Italia and Tour de France winner. The town, which has become a place of pilgrimage for Pantani fans visiting the rider’s grave, wishes to honour the rider who “helped to make the name of Cesenatico known across the world.” The winning design, which can be a maximum of three metres high, will stand in a prominent position in the town.