Silence-Lotto’s Paris-Roubaix weapon

The wraps come off the Ridley X-fire Roubaix.

The Silence-Lotto team will ride this Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix with a newly developed bike from their supplier Ridley: the X-fire Roubaix.


Ridley has been Silence-Lotto’s cycle partner for the past four years and the collaboration has already spawned two new models, the Noah and Helium.

The new bike, designed especially for the brutal Paris-Roubaix conditions and made available exclusively to Silence-Lotto, is the result of close collaboration between the manufacturer and the team’s riders and mechanics.

Ridley has been active in the field of cyclocross since 2000 and the company has brought its experience in this discipline to bear in the creation of the X-fire Roubaix. The original X-fire is the bike on which Niels Albert won this year’s U-23 cyclocross world title.

The Roubaix version has the following features:

For comfort:

  • Arched front fork with 45mm rake
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Saddle pin with bi-position
  • Bigger Vredestein tubulars:
    • 25mm tubulars offer more comfort and absorb the irregularities better. The rolling surface offers extra grip in the wet. The tyres are extremely flexible and have excellent shock absorbing abilities. The inner tube is made of 100% medical latex, which practically excludes any possibility of piercing and therefore of punctures.

For control:

  • Adapted fork angle
  • A longer wheelbase that gives better stability and manoeuvrability

For the mud:

  • More room for the Vredestein tubulars in the front and rear forks
  • Normal brake at the front, cyclocross brake at the rear