Singlespeed World’s decided in Scotland

250 riders from around the world come to Aviemore

The tenth Singlespeed World Championships just took place in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands over the weekend of September 1st-2nd.


Around 250 racers and plenty more hangers on arrived in the little town, some having flown from as far as America, Canada and Australia, and others having ridden there from Dorset on their singlespeed bikes.

Despite it being a newish discipline, there’s already plenty of tradition to uphold. The race is started when the organiser finishes his beer, there’s a LeMans start and the winners receive a mandatory tattoo for first prize.

The secret course was reached by a mass ride out to the start, taking in some of the best of the Scottish countryside. The course itself was a perfect mix of steady climbs and challenging, sweet singletrack, with the riders having nothing but praise for the organisers who’d worked long and hard at getting permission to run the race and doing much of the trail preparation themselves in conjunction with local shop Bothy Bikes.

This year’s event was won by Adam Craig and Kellie Emmett. Adam fought off Travis Brown, a previous two time winner for the crown, resplendent in his denim cutoff shorts and Kellie simply quietly rode past everyone in her way.

And after it was all over, the party began again, only interrupted when the winners came in to show off their new tattoos…

Next year’s event venue was decided on the Saturday night in a roller-racing and dance competition – with the winner being Napa, California.


1 Adam Craig (USA|Giant)    
2 Travis Brown (USA|Trek)    
3 Carl Decker (USA|Giant)    
1 Kelli Emmett (USA|Giant)    

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