Smithfield Nocturne returns June 7

Nocturne Series plans to bring more events in 2008

The Smithfield Nocturne.

The second annual Smithfield Nocturne, presented by RaphaCondor, will be held June 7 in Smithfield Market, followed by more events in the newly created Nocturne Series.


“The (2007) Smithfield Nocturne was incredibly popular particularly considering the limited time scale to promote the event,” said James Pope, Managing Director of event organisers Face Partnership. “We believe the format will be just as successful at other venues across the country so the creation of a series is a logical step forward.”

The Series will include a second edition of the Smithfield Nocturne as well as a new event being developed in partnership with Salford Council around the Lowry in Salford Quays. More events will be added as the Series grows with each Nocturne following the same successful formula as the Smithfield event.

“The location is a key factor,” Pope added. “RaphaCondor chose Smithfield Market for the first event because it is a historic location in the heart of London. The course is superb and the surrounding infrastructure really enabled us to create a unique festival atmosphere.”

With the 2008 Smithfield Nocturne scheduled for 7th June the creation of an event in Salford Quays will now form the basis for the Nocturne Series.

“We are looking at more locations in the UK,” Pope said. “The venue at Salford Quays is perfect and will make a fantastic addition to the Series. Salford Council is on board and shares our vision to create a world class event so we are very excited to be able to develop the Series.”


For more information on the Nocturne Series and individual events please contact Face Partnership on 0207 261 1177 or go to