Sneak peak: Shimano introduces after-market pimp kit

YUMEYA begins with carbon and titanium XTR upgrades

Shimano is set to unveil a new line of products at Eurobike branded YUMEYA, Japanese for ‘Dream Workshop’. The new lightweight range will start with after-market upgrades for Shimano XTR bits, giving racers, weightweenies and those with lots of money the chance to exclusify your bike even more.


There’ll be carbon rear derailleur plates for the rear shifter (saving 11 grams), titanium cassette sprockets (saving 15 grams for a set of 17/20T), titanium bolts (-25 grams for the total set), a chain with hollow pins (-10 grams) and much more.


We’ll bring you more details on the new range during our Eurobike coverage, and the Shimano site will be updated with the new range soon. In the meantime, join us in gawping at the images in our gallery.