Social networking, bicycle commuter style

New sites track commuting use, powered by Cateye.

Social networking isn’t just for teens and tech junkies. Cateye and Civia Cycles have taken the concept one step further, developing social networking sites to create communities for cycling commuters.

Advertisement allows users to create a profile and record non-motorized trips including daily commutes to work or school and “taking care of business” trips to the store, coffee shop, etc.

According to Cateye’s Ellen Hall, each time a member signs on to, real time distance traveled, money and gas saved, pollution off-set and health points will be displayed.

“We want to encourage individuals and to let everyone know that they are part of a growing world community of concerned individuals working to make a difference in their lives as well as the collective health of the world,” she said.

According to Civia Cycle’s Scott Thayer, is a an online application that allows people to track their own rides, compete against others in fantasy football-style leagues, and talk about the league and other cycling related things in a forum.

“The league grew out of a program that Quality Bicycle Products (Civia’s parent company) implemented internally to provide some fun and motivation for its employees around commuting to and from work,” Thayer said. “We took that idea and improved upon it. We are eager to get our dealer base up an running with their own teams and leagues, providing their customers with a tool for tracking their riding and competitive motiviation to ride more.

“Greenlight has been a lot of fun to develop, and we can’t wait to finish ironing out the bugs and turn it on for the world to enjoy,” he added.


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