Specialized TriCross Carbon: SNEAK PEEK!

The ultimate Swiss Army knife of road/offroad bikes?


Integration is the name of the game at Specialized these days, reflected in the higher-end models spilling out from the minds in Morgan Hill. The S-Works TriCross Carbon is the Taj Mahal of `cross, or as Specialized calls them, free-road bikes.


From the integrated headset, down to the integrated S-Works FACT carbon crankset, balanced by the Zertz integrated damping inserts, the $6,000US TriCross Carbon raises the gauntlet for high-zoot, spending “do-everything, go-everywhere” bikes. Specialized road product manager Andy Jacques-Maynes, himself a potent `cross racer and former domestic road professsional, was given a blank sheet when developing the TriCross Carbon.


Check back soon for a complete review.