Sport reacts to Landis news

From Tour de France runner-up Oscar Pereiro who hopes Floyd Landis is cleared to pro teams' associat

From Tour de France runner-up Oscar Pereiro who hopes Floyd Landis is cleared to pro teams’ associat



Tour runner-up Oscar Pereiro and a friend of Landis from his days at Phonak: “As long as the UCI refrains from confirming the news I can’t really say anything, in spite of the communiqu from Phonak. However, in moments like this I have a bittersweet feeling, because this is bad news for cycling and I would prefer to stay in second place and for the positive test not to be confirmed. Nobody wants to win in this manner. I would have preferred to celebrate on the top step of the podium in Paris.”

Tour organisers ASO: “If the counter-analysis confirms the first result, anger and sadness will be the principal feelings of all those who had so much enthusiasm for the 2006 Tour de France. In any case, and no matter what happens, the organisers will maintain the firm attitude they showed at the start of the race in Strasbourg. However destructive this news may be for cycling, this information shows that the fight being led by the Tour de France with the teams and their sponsors is gaining ground in an irreversible way.”

Tour boss Christian Prudhomme: “We have to wait for the result of the counter-analysis, but if it is confirmed there will be considerable sadness. We want to keep fighting [against doping]. We have said that we have won a battle but not the war. You need to be mad now to continue cheating.”

Cyril Dessel, 7th and leading French rider at the Tour: “If the winner of the Tour de France has really tested positive I think this would be the hardest blow that cycling has ever received.”

Phonak Tour rider Koos Moerenhout: “I am devastated, the world has fallen in on me. I never noticed anything in the team to suggest the use of a doping product. I hope the B sample will bring some clarity to this and an explanation.”


Patrick Lefvre, president of the pro teams’ association and Quick Step team manager: “It’s an absolute catastrophe after what we saw at the start of the Tour. Some people will never learn, and these people are killing cycling. They stopped the Astana team from riding the Tour, it is now time for the UCI to consider the same question about Phonak – eight or nine positive cases in three years – that can’t happen by mistake.”