Spy Shot: Lance’s new Mellow Johnny commuter

A page out of Bridgestone's 1993 catalogue

Trek has designed a commuter bike in time for the May 10 grand opening of Lance Armstrong’s Austin, Texas bike shop, Mellow Johnny’s, and if you ask us, there’s more than a hint of inspiration from the early `90s Bridgestone Bicycle catalogue going on.


Of course, it’s no surprise that the bike has subtle graphics and a mono-chrome vibe:  Armstrong visited the recent Handmade Bicycle Show in Portland, Oregon, and has always played it somewhat conservatively with his own bikes over the years. The Texan didn’t care for sloping top tubes or new-fangled saddle or pedals, and this one-off commuter special reflects Armstrong’s leanings toward simplicity.

The popular bridgestone x0-1.: the popular bridgestone x0-1.
Sheldon Brown

No word on if or when this bike will make it to anyone else’s showroom floors. Stay tuned for a full feature on our visit to the Mellow Johnny’s grand opening May 10.