SRAM mourns death of front derailleur – do you?

Is the MTB front derailleur really dead? Vote in our poll

SRAM claims the front derailleur is dead and buried. Do you agree?

SRAM has just released a video mourning the passing of the front derailleur on modern mountain bikes.


“Though not a sudden departure, the weight of finality is heavy…it’s time to say goodbye to the mountain bike front derailleur forever,” the narrator solemnly states.

This video eulogy could be more proof that SRAM’s rumored wide-range 1×12 will be released very soon. Click here to read our analysis of how this 1×12 drivetrain could stack up against the competition and what it might mean for you.

This video also begs the question: is the front derailleur really dead? Sure, SRAM might not plan to include front derailleurs and multiple chainrings in its future drivetrains, but is that what the majority of mountain bikers want?

Share your opinion in this survey and sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.


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