Straitline launch Bear Bell

Canadian riders: Be prepared for new 1 April law

Ryan Berrecloth knows how to deal with Whistler's odd-looking bears

Straitline Components have announced they’ve teamed up with North Shore freerider Ryan Berrecloth to launch a special bell designed to ward off bear attacks.


As can be seen in the video below, bears are a common sight in the Whistler Bikepark and it’s important to be prepared when you’re skidding your way down the trails.

A new province-wide law that comes into force today, 1 April, apparently makes it mandatory for riders to carry bear safety devices, and Straitline’s is certainly the pimpest bell we’ve ever seen.

British Columbia’s bears are a strange-looking lot, but it’s not worth taking any chances. You’d be a fool not to heed Straitline’s warning.


Straitline Bear Bell Technology from Eric Peterson on Vimeo.