Strava – 2014 by the numbers

Strava reveals its users' cycling stats for 2014

Strava remained the online cycling daddy in 2014, its blend of friendly competition, achievement earning and social media – not to mention the analysis features and new training plans – creating a rich playground for cyclists to interact and share their training.


All this has meant a huge amount of data about the riding habits of both global and UK cyclists, which it has now handily compacted into infographic form. Check out some of our top picks below.

More than 521 million kilometres covered and 96,000 century rides in 2014 – well done britain!:

Go UK Strava members!

Average ride data shows most of us in the uk are regularly blasting out sub two hour rides:

On average, men appeared to seek more climbing than ladies – we know a few women who’d refute that though

The site’s global stats are mind boggling:

Global figures here – that’s a lot of zeroes…


Check out the gallery above to see all the stats from Strava. Don’t forget to check out our round-up of great cycling apps too.