STUND Teaser Episode 1

I think we all had some doubts as we embarked on a trip that would be a little more complicated tha

Drop it like it’s hot!

I think we all had some doubts as we embarked on a trip that would be a little more complicated than all the rest. Mike Kinrade and I spent about a month planning production of the first episode of STUND down in Utah. Fulfilling the roll as producers together, we found out what it is like to boss around 7 dirt bags! It_Ts a good thing we had the help of some very special friends along the way _” Tyler Klassen picking up the slack as well as Harookz and Tam behind the lens. STUND is a five-episode web show that will be released to you, the viewers, for free, in a full quality download such as the one you will be watching in a few minutes. This is our present to you _” to the riders, produced by the riders and delivered by!


As with any first go of things, the road was bumpy via Utah, and the crew encountered several snags. No more than 15 minutes into our departure, the enclosed trailer attached to our RV blew off the hitch and slammed into the back. We figured after that the cobwebs were all out _” until we were forced to stop again and spend a night on the side of the highway with a blown wheel bearing. With super pulling of wrenches the next mourning, we were back on track. Arriving in Utah we found ourselves gazing out the RV windows as we spent the first couple of days scowering the land for lines and hits.

It didn_Tt take long before we were sculpting lips, hips, and busting flips! All the riders learned a few new moves on this trip. Every rider stepped it up and tried something new. Our guest rider, Trent Kidd, a BC up and comer, brought a dirt jump vibe in with huge no cans and attempting crazy stunts such as the flat spin. Kinrade blew my mind when he sent a solid 20-foot 360 drop, taking it hard in the early stages. Super T broke out super seaters and attacked a burly line that ended up consequential. And I sent one of the most technical lines I have ever ridden. Utah proved to be the perfect place to bring our new manoeuvres to the dirt! The trip turned out a total success as we made a last minute decision to make it to Vegas for our first episode wrap up party! We hope you enjoy the teaser and be sure to check back frequently for more articles, video clips, interviews, and the first of five full-length episodes releasing weekly.
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Get episode 1 by right clicking this link and choosing ‘save target as’ or waiting for the 12mb clip to download