Superlight flat pedals from Superstar

At 280g they could be an easy way to trim weight off your downhill bike

Superstar have gained an enviable name for themselves in a short time by selling products direct to the consumer at low prices, and these new pedals look set to cement that reputation.


With weights starting at just 280g, they’re the lightest we’ve come across, yet they still look capable of taking some abuse.

Superstar have three flat pedal designs – the Nano Tech, Nano Thru Pin and Mag Lite.

The alloy Nano Techs weigh in at 385g and are available in purple, blue, red, black, gold, gunmetal and hot pink. They contain two sealed cartridge bearings and a bush, and are said to be simple to service with a 5mm Allen key and 9mm socket. RRP is £42.99.

The Nano Thru Pins are similar but with a slightly different shape and bolts that are screwed in from the rear of the pedal instead of grub screws inserted from the front. RRP is £42.99 and they’re available in gunmetal, gold or black.

As the name suggests, the Mag Lites are made of magnesium, keeping the weight down to 330g a pair. They have a slightly different shape from the other two models and are only available in black. RRP is £59.99.

A titanium axle is available for £49.99, bringing the weight down to 280g. Even without this upgrade they’re possibly the lightest flat pedals we’ve come across. We’ve got a pair on test and we’ll let you know how they fare.

Superstar have three pedal designs – nano tech, nano thru pin and mag lite:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Superstar have three flat pedals: (L-R) Nano Tech, Nano Thru Pin and Mag Lite

Other stuff

Superstar are perhaps best known for their low-cost brake pads. The company’s Neil Wilkinson says a problem with the resin on an early production run has been sorted, and he is so confident about the quality of the pads that users can return them if they aren’t satisfied after a 45-day trial period.

In addition to the standard semi-metallic organic and sintered options, Superstar are now selling a new pad with an alloy back and Kevlar fibres added to the compound for better abrasion resistance. This is said to offer identical performance to the standard semi-metallic pad but weigh less and last longer. Cost is £34.99 for four.

The company are also selling disc rotors (heat-treated stainless steel, two designs, prices start from £8.99), quick-release skewers (hollow forged steel, £15.99 a pair, or standard steel, £9.99) and various other bits and pieces, while handlebars, stems and seatposts will be added to the lineup soon.


In the pipeline are some tasty looking wheelsets, including an entry-level set with Mach1 rims, Novatec hubs and DT spokes for £129.99-£169.99 a pair (depending on rim type – 19mm cross-country, 21mm all-mountain or 25mm downhill).


At the other end of the scale, Superstar can do you their Superleggera 120-point engagement rear hub and Superfast front hub on Alex’s superlight scandium rims for £449.99. The weight? Just 1,350g a pair. Still not light enough? A carbon wheelset is being developed, which will cost a princely £899.99.