Sustrans bike insurance to help fund National Cycle Network

New bike insurance policy will include a donation to the charity

Sustrans bike insurance to help fund National Cycle Network

Cycling charity Sustrans has launched a bike insurance scheme which aims to give something back to all UK riders.


The organisation, which campaigns for sustainable transport throughout the UK, has teamed up with specialist insurers Butterworth, to offer cyclists a comprehensive package which protects their wheels and helps fund the charity’s work at the same time.  

Butterworth Insurance Services has pledged to donate 10 per cent of all premiums received in 2008 to Sustrans, through its Ecoinsure policy.

Donations received from premiums will be put specifically towards maintaining the many bridges on the National Cycle Network across the UK.  

Julian Hunt, Sustrans information and trading manager, said: “Encouraging and enabling people to travel by bike is vital in terms of tackling climate change and rising levels of obesity.  

“However, with more than 1,200 bikes stolen every day people may not feel comfortable leaving their bikes locked up when they pedal to the shops, work or school.  

“We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Butterworth Insurance Services to offer cyclists peace of mind that their wheels are covered against theft, and that they are helping Sustrans make our environment safer and more attractive for cyclists.”

An Ecoinsure policy covers all types of cycle – bi, tri or uni – including tandems, recumbents, electrically-assisted pedal cycles and covers different types of journeys, from commuting to charity bike rides.  

Cyclists who take out the ‘all risks’ option will be covered if their bike is stolen, involved in a crash or suffers malicious damage.


For a free quote or more information visit – there is a five per cent discount if you apply online – or telephone 0870 141 2324.