Sustrans voting ends today

£50 Million at stake for cycling projects in the UK


Cyclists who want to support plans for a £50million cycle network in the United Kingdom have until noon today to cast their vote.


UK cycling charity Sustrans is bidding for the scheme in the Big Lottery Fund’s People’s £50 Million Contest – but there are three other projects vying for the cash.

All voting will be open until midday today, December 10.

Sustrans says its Connect2 project will give six million people in the UK better access to safe walking and cycling routes.

The money would be spread across 79 different projects and would include building new bridges to link communities, improving existing traffic-free routes and adding new ones.

To support the cause, you can call 0870 2424602. You can also vote online at the People’s Millions website. has been following the progress of Sustrans’ bid for the £50million, and you can find out more here about who will benefit and where. There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to gathering as many votes as possible for the cause.


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