Swedish man convicted of bicycle molestation

Tyres slashed and saddles rubbed

Things can get a little slow in Östersund...allegedly

Following the strange case from Scotland of the man convicted for having sex with his bicycle, news has reached Bikeradar of more disturbing cyclo-sexual behaviour, this time from Sweden.  A 40-year old man from Ostersund, has been convicted of sexual molestation having got rather too ‘up close and personal’ with the saddles of local women’s bicycles, the Östersunds-Posten newspaper reports.


The man, who claimed his mental state was “confused” at the time, targeted the bikes of women he was attracted to. After they had parked them and left he would slash their tyres and rub himself against their saddles for sexual gratification.


The man received a probationary sentence in view of his previous good character and the fact that he spent time in police custody for the offence. He was, however, ordered to pay 10,000 krona (£850, $1699, €1078) in fines, as well as 3,000 krona (£255, $500, €323) in damages to each of the women whose bicycles he assaulted.