Swobo launches social water bottle effort

'Tap Water Rules' campaign aimed at Nestle

Swobo has a new water bottle programme called the Message in a Bottle Project, a campaign that allows the US$6 bottle to do the deed of holding tap water, but then it acts as a soapbox once the user is done with it.


The Sausalito, California company felt the world doesn’t need more water bottles with company logos, but it also knows that water bottles, in and of themselves, are a good thing because they promote tap water use over bottled water use.  

“Our first programme within the Message in a Bottle Project is ‘Tap Water Rules’,” Swobo founder Tim Parr told BikeRadar. “We’ve written a letter on one side of the water bottle to the Nestle Water Bottling Corporation that announces the Swobo water bottle user’s lack of stoke on bottled water.

“The consumer then places the appropriate postage on the water bottle itself, and sends the retired water bottle (with they’re message on one side) directly to Nestle.”

This particular Swobo soapbox — from a company putting almost a daily effort into soapboxing — focuses on how much bottled water sucks up natural resources, and what a waste it all is come the end of the day.

“Our goal is to flood Nestle with the idea that maybe creating containers that hold tap water is a better business than trucking water all over the world,” Parr added. “We’ll see….and like everything else we do…this seems like a lot more fun than just making water bottles.”

According to Parr, all Swobo water bottles are biodegradable/recyclable/recycled.


For more information, visit www.swobo.com