Tag your wheels to stand apart

Personalized graphics inspired by graffiti artists

Want some argyle on your wheels?

Wheeltags, a new company based in Carmel, Indiana, creates graphic designs for wheels, inspired by graffiti and the artists’ stylized signatures, or “tags”. Encouraging cyclists to put their own signatures on their rides, Wheeltags has launched with “Series One”, a set of seven tags that vary in style, colour and design.


“Everyone wants to be different, to speak out, to be heard; and adding bold graphics to a bike wheel is an easy, affordable way to do it,” said Kevin Koval, Sales Director and one of the founding three members of Wheeltags.

With flexibility to respond to comments/reviews from customers, a constant flow of new designs will be unveiled, and longer term product development plans include guest designers, limited edition Wheeltags, design contests, cycling apparel and a “Series Two” for launch at Interbike 2008.

Wheeltags were designed to be compatible with various wheel materials, rim depths and are flexible enough to conform to dimpled rims. The Wheeltags are sold in sets of 6 tags, which allow the cyclist to create two different types of application affects, as well as tremendous creative freedom across their bike. The installation of a set of tags on one wheel is no more time consuming than changing a flat and instructions are included with each Wheeltags set, as well as a small tool to help with the process.

According to company spokesperson Jenna Vona, custom Wheeltags designs are also available and have already been created in a partnership with Roark Custom Titanium Bicycles, with other manufacturers already showing a keen interest in custom Wheeltags for their brands and sponsored athletes.

“We also expect local and pro teams alike will be interested in the custom program as a way to drive sponsorship sales and create a consistent, uniform marketing message,” she added.

An online video of an installation is also available on the Wheeltags website. Weighing only 2g per tag (for the 38mm), cyclists concerned about additional weight can make educated application decisions accordingly. Sizes are based on minimum rim depth and an easy to read size chart is available on www.wheeltags.com to help riders select the correct size for their wheels, regardless of brand. Clinchers and tubulars alike can have Wheeltags applied to their rims.

Wheeltags are available in 16mm and 38mm sizes, with a retail price of US$38 and $42 respectively. Series One can be purchased on the website and bicycle retail shops are encouraged to complete the wholesale application to carry the collection in stores. 60mm size and DISC designs will be available on July 1st.


For more information, visit http://www.wheeltags.com.