Tasmania gets new stage race

Riders must work in pairs to succeed in Blue Dragon Challenge

The Blue Dragon Challenge is coming to Tasmania in January

A new stage race, the Blue Dragon Challenge, is coming to Tasmania in January. The two-day mountain bike event will run over two 50km stages and competitors will be required to ride in pairs.


The race takes place on January 17 and 18, with the first day’s route starting and ending in Derby and the second loop beginning in Weldbrough. Riders will pass through historic towns, over hills and open plains with coastal views, and through rainforests.

A spokesman said: “The Blue Dragon Challenge combines the scenically beautiful Blue Tier [plateau] with the rich history of the Trail of the Tin Dragon (a tourist route which explores the area’s mining heritage). Add the element of a two-day mountain bike ride through this amazing area and you have a challenge that will leave you rewarded and left totally fulfilled, knowing you have just experienced some of the best adventure trails in Tasmania.”

Wild Wheel Promotions, the organisers of the event, have announced that their Craggy Peaks Marathon will be cancelled for 2008 due to construction and logistical issues. The marathon is expected to return in 2009.


For more information about the Blue Dragon Challenge or to register, visit www.wildwheelpromotions.com.au.