Team 4um

The whole point of the forum was to get readers talking together, riding together and meeti

Suddenly the forum has a race team…

The whole point of the forum was to get readers talking together, riding together and meeting up, but we never expected a 4um race team quite so soon.


It’s one thing putting like minded people in touch; organising them to do anything at all is quite another. Organising a bunch of people who are paid to do a job is hard enough. An unpaid, ego-centric bunch of reprobates who know one another only via the net, where names mean nothing, age, physique, skill and sexuality are very often falsly described and the truth doesn’t enter into it, is quite another. Don’t want to twist any knives in any wounds but the errmmm… “the forum bike” comes to mind

So the MBUK crew were a little sceptical when the 4um Teaming With No Talent enterprise began. We should have known better, one of the most powerful human instincts, second only to the sex drive and sometimes not even that, cut in. I refer, of course, to the irresistible urge to ride bikes with your mates which has kept MBUK in business since 1898 (or does it only feel that long?).

There was also the matter of the Glorious Leader escrobin (please stand for the Team Anthem) who just kept on and on, although how he finds the time in between being an incurable romantic and a redoubtable Scottish Nanny, is anybody’s guess.

First came the team, formed to ride at the recent Porc Festival, then the website and then the T-shirt…

Next, I suppose they’ll be publishing a magazine full of nothing but articles on Chris Smith and me, Doddy and Fin’ll be back working in bike shops.

What goes around keeps going around and you never see it again, have you noticed that?


Lead pic: The Glorious Leader.
Main pic: Top boyz in action