Team Fenwick’s hop onto 2Stage steeds

Bike wash team adopt unique suspension rides

Four members of the Fenwick’s Team have switched their old bikes for 2Stage models it was announced yesterday.


Jon Smith, manager and owner of Team Fenwick’s, fell for 2Stage when he first laid eyes on their Elite9 downhill bike at the National Points Series at Innerleithen in May this year.

He said of the Elite9: “My first impression was how well thought out the design looked.  Coming from a materials engineering background, it appealed to me structurally and I was impressed with the overall finish of the bike.”

The riders also seem stoked with their new rides. Tom Clarkson, 19, races as a senior for Team Fenwick’s and he had this to say about the new machines: “The design is basically two single pivots with an unnoticeable transition from shock to shock through what 2Stage call a ‘boss link’. This seems to give the bike an unbelievable advantage in corners and accelerating (pedalling efficiency).”

Fenwick’s team is made up of six downhill riders racing from youth to masters and, in 2009, they’re set to hit the race circuit at more events than ever before.


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