The Feed Zone – a nutrition delivery service for Australia

Tailored nutrition brought direct to you door

Australian endurance athletes rejoice, the wait for a tailored nutrition service that is delivered to your door is over.


The Feed Zone is a new Australian nutritional resource, similar to The Feed in the US, that offers customisable boxes filled with top brands, delivered straight to your doorstep.

The service has only recently launched, but it has an impressive list of bars, gels and hydration products. Brands on its roster include Clif, Bonk Breaker, Skratch Labs, Super Foodie, Larabar, and Thunderbird Energetica, with more on the way.

“We are aiming to provide the best products on the market, but also products that are better for you,” Brad Hannaford, co-founder of The Feed Zone told BikeRadar. “My business partner Richard (Younger) and I found that we couldn’t get the products that we wanted from one location, and it was quite a pain really. We toyed with the idea of buying products and supplying them to our friends. Then we thought if we are going to do that, we are already buying and selling, and we may as well start a business.”

At the moment there are two options, the sampler box (AU$40) or a ‘build your own’ box (prices vary). The sampler box is filled with 11 goodies from eight brands, a few of which you may not have tried before. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then building your own box allows you to choose the products you want, and how often you would like them delivered.

The sampler box has a wide variety of bars, gels and drinks:

The sampler box has a wide variety of bars, gels and drinks

The Feed Zone has partnered with Rebecca Hay from The Athlete’s Kitchen to provide nutritional advice, and tailored boxes.

“So if you are competing in an ironman and need a fueling and hydration strategy, we would utilise Rebecca to provide the right products, and also the strategy for how to use to the products during the race,”explained Hannaford.


The Feed Zone is currently shipping anywhere in Australia. For more information visit The Feed Zone website.