The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman , a film about the life of cyclist Graeme Obree is set for release in the U

Hits cinemas June 29th

The Flying Scotsman, a film about the life of cyclist Graeme Obree is set for release in the UK on June 29. Obree’s story is well known to many cyclists, his battle against the world cycling authorities after he built a bike using washing machine components and adopted a radical new rising position to beat the world hour record has long since entered the sport’s folklore. This biopic from MGM and Verve Pictures also addresses Obree’s battle with bipolar disorder and the resulting depression which led to his suicide attempts. Shot on location in Scotland and Germany, Obree was on hand as a consultant and even doubled for himself in some scenes, so the film should be high on authenticity at least.


“I hope people enjoy The Flying Scotsman.” said Obree. “It’s not a cycling movie as such – the director knew nothing about cycling at all. It’s more a human story. I like to think of people coming out of the cinema, buying their fish and chips and talking about it, and my hope is that they’ll feel motivated to do something.”


The film stars Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) as the cyclist determined to succeed against the odds, alongside Laura Fraser (Vanilla Sky, Sixteen Years of Alcohol), Billy Boyd (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Master and Commander) and Brian Cox (Nuremberg, X-Men 2).