The Rapha Roller Race: Culture Clash II

Couriers take all in London

Clothing company Rapha staged a night of racing at the Classic Car Club, Old Street, London on the weekend, and it has been hailed a big success.


The Rollapaluza roller-rig took centre stage in the middle of a full-size boxing ring, where competitors fought it out to take their respective titles and win some exclusive Rapha gear.

The format involved four person teams representing London’s male and female couriers, Cycling Journalists, a “dark-horse” Dutch team and a male and female “Fireflies” team (a group of cyclists who raise money for the charity Leuka).

The atmosphere was electric as competitor after competitor pitted their spinning skills against each other in the ring.

The male couriers continued their dominance and the men’s team competition final was an all courier affair. The Ladies event saw Tanya Long from the female couriers team showing her superior endurance and taking the win.

In the “have a go” event Simon Jackson, multiple previous Rollapaluza winner, sailed into the final where he beat Scott Murphy with the undisputed fastest Rollapaluza time ever, breaking the Rollapaluza “Holy Grail” time of 20 seconds with 19.80.


All in all a hugely enjoyable evening, the renaissance of roller-racing as a sport continues thanks to Rollapaluza and Rapha. For more details go to the Rolllapaluza site now.