The shows still go on – Part 1

Seven, Spot, DaKine, Sombrio

Still on the show round ups here’s more of the kit that caught our eye from the 2008 Eurobike and Interbike trade shows.



ODI showed new gold grips specially for Vegas, plus heavy duty bar end plugs sneaked from their powersports guys.


UK three wheeler wizards KMX were showing their off road recumbent trikes for those who like to experience filth lying on their back

Letter Lock

According to their super enthusiastic sales guy you could be seeing Wordlock’s dual purpose Travel Scrabble and combination lock in your local Walmart. Unfortunately they’ve deliberately designed it to make racking up rude words impossible. I know, but Vegas is all about vice right?


VIOsport digi cams are used by US special forces and come with remote control and on the fly video ‘bookmarking’. Obviously they can’t tell friends from enemies though.


New accessorizer Leyzne showed multi tools, pumps and bags with a big stainless steel theme.


Spot’s panelled and coachlined metal flake paintjobs were as gorgeous as ever, but it was their range of belt drive bikes that were getting the most interest.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is lining up alongside other extreme jump legends Hot Wheels cars and synthetic supermodel Barbie on the Dynacraft bike roster. Both Tony Hawk and HuckJam lines bearing his signature so get your skates if you’re a PSP / wheeled plank fan.


Pilo machined components from Israel are big on gear hangers, with replacements for over 77 brands including real specialist stuff like GT and Kona bolted mounts. They do bashguards and other replacement bolt stuff too, and they had the best pretzels at the show.


Crumpler’s crazy cardboard box stand rapidly became our unofficial home for the whole show, just because their brand of lunacy seemed to link perfectly with ours. Their latest designs included this fantastic limited edition camo ‘Famous Wine Bar’ backpack, prototype roller bags, leather laptop sleeves, manbags, handbags, pouches and a whole bunch of other beautiful baggage including bespoke designs.

Dirty Dog

Who cares if this “Reaper” skull stem might weigh more than your frame. It’s a Halloween night ride must have in either black or red anodised finish and matching skull cable guides are available too!


Swobo’s cult San Francisco style spreads over more new clobber and cruiser bikes than ever this year too. Powder coated chain and rims add blood red bling to their new utility road bike while their waxed Cottonwood uber jacket looks perfect for winter chillin.


Da Kine had some great new gloves and backpacks including tartan (or plaid as they say over there) and some sweet girls gear too.



Sugoi were one of several trail tailors showing the latest pandaphillic bamboo weave cloth as well as retro wool jerseys to celebrate 20 years of Canadian clothing manufacture.


661 were showing a sneak preview of Peaty’s new Santa Cruz Syndicate race kit and some new shoes for next year as well as the crazy shock absorbing armour inserts we saw at Eurobike.


European style ‘utility’ bikes were everywhere in the US. None were as delicious as this delivery bike from Ti specialists Seven though, complete with tubular Ti basket frame up front.


Fresh from another World Championship win with Sam Hill, Five-Ten were sticking it to other cyclo cobblers with an expanded line for next year. The new ‘Basic’ casual even uses a recessed, non marking red sole so you can wear it round the house without leaving black stripes all the way to the bog.


Into your retro riding? Brooks are still finding absolute classics in a back catalogue that stretches to the 1800s. The new Messenger bag is an absolute beauty, complete with a waist extension of the shoulder strap patented in 1910, prices are considerably increased a century on though!


Sombrio are really going baggy next year, using a print inspired by satellite images of Madchester as a Hacienda based homage to the music scene they were raving about in Vancouver too. Closer to home in style they’ve got a 10th anniversary Ice Hockey style rig, re cycled fabric shirts, bamboo infused gear and a whole bunch of cool girls stuff which we just couldn’t stop asking Sombrio’s Andrea Kraft to model for us. Can’t think why….

Park Tools


The ultimate BBQ kit for any biker, Park’s new set is modelled on their pedal spanners and even includes a spoke key loop for hanging. A beefier Penny Farthing pizza cutter should cope with deeper crusts and Park has introduced an ‘on bike’ pump line, new chain splitter and 1.5in tools too.