The shows still go on – Part 2

2008 product from Oakley, Niner, Ibis, WTB

Still on the show round ups here’s more of the kit that caught our eye from the 2008 Eurobike and Interbike trade shows.


Maverick DUC32

Maverick’s DUC32 fork was shown in carbon top end form. Ideal for those after dumping even more weight from the distinctive dual crowns.

Fox Coal shuttle

Fox’s German style Coal Scuttle helmet had big Hells Angel appeal but don’t be surprised if your Grandad tries to shoot you.

Oakley gloves

Oakley’s booth had the usual tide of top athlete’s – including Alex Pro – drifting in and out to get hooked up with the latest designer optics, gladiator gloves and other gear. Their audio specs have now gone Bluetooth for direct from the pocket Ipod link up rather than bulky Mp3 lumps on the arms themselves.

Rotor stem

Rotor’s new stem features double threaded DTT bolts to drop it below the mythical 100g barrier while increasing closure torque. This makes it perfect for weight watching bar holders who don’t want to sacrifice strength or bruise their knees.

Selle Italia

Selle Italia took unquestionable Italian style to breaking point with these err ‘eyecatching’ styles. Still, you’ll be sitting on them not looking at them most of the time.

Cane Creek Double Barrel

Cane Creek’s Double Barrelled shock is co designed by Ohlins and lusted after by every rider in the mountain biking office. The 10 year warranty on the new Solos Aheadset is a promising sign for UK survival too.

Lake shoes

Lake have always made the most solid, long lasting shoes and their range looks even better than ever for 08. Custom cook to fit carbon racers, full winter snowboots, waterproof clipless ready police boots and a whole stack of freeride shoe colours – it’s enough to make your toes curl in excitement.

Ibis Tranny

Ibis debuted their new Tranny hardtail featuring a sliding socket behind the bottom bracket to adjust chain length or fold it in half for travelling. The Mojo was also displayed stuffed into a suitcase while the new SL version is light enough to go as carry on luggage. A Tranny in a bag as it were – sounds like an episode of CSI Las Vegas. New anodised linkages add custom colour to what’s still one of the most beautiful yet practical designs around too, the Ibis SL.

Golf cart

This pedal powered golf cart would have suited our show transport needs to a tee. Ok, not our funniest pun, but we thought the joke about the “Caddyshack” sequel “Caddyshag” was inappropriate……

WTB Graffiti tyre

WTB’s tyre line up continues to grow ever larger and they now even have a “Graffiti UK” street tyre for urban urchins. Good to know that Britannia still rules at some things, even if Queenie might not approve.


The freestyle rapper on the mobile Xtracycle disco is apparently a Harvard graduate. Mom and pop must be delighted….


Niner’s “Big Revolution” certainly seems to be catching on in the US. We saw hundreds of wagon wheel bikes out on the dirt demo course and most major manufacturers are now rolling out less circumferentially challenged chassis.