The ultimate in transmission protection?

Or just an expensive alternative to a thick placcy bag?

A new protection system for your bike and car is shortly to be released to the UK market, and it follows in the footsteps of the Greasebag we featured a month ago.


The Xerobike® Transport Protection System is made of durable plastic and fixes to your chain and crankset during transportation putting an end to dripping chain oil, flaking mud and it’ll also protect your vehicle’s interior from scuffing and ripping. Your bike bits will be protected too, so there’s no chance of derailleur bending if the bike is sliding around in the boot.

It’s designed to fit all bike types too, from downhill machines to nimble road racers, and can be fitted with or without the rear wheel in place. It’s retailing at thirty euros.


We’re going to get one in to try it out. For more information go here: