The week on wheels 08/02/2005

Flashing LEDs to be made legal BikeBiz is reporting that David Jamieson, the road safety minister,

Flashing LEDs to be made legal
BikeBiz is reporting that David Jamieson, the road safety minister, has announced a tidying up of the law surrounding LED lights. Up till now, a flashing LED has only been legal when used in conjunction with a static light. Don’t go binning your static lights just yet though – the law won’t change until later this year…

Big Bucks for Beijing
As one of the most successful sports in Athens, cycling will receive enhanced funding in the run up to the next Olympics, the financial support from UK Sport rising from £6.8m for Athens to £7.9m for Beijing. UK Sport – the nation’s lead elite sport agency – are insisting on a more targeted use of the money for Beijing so only athletes that are felt to have true medal winning potential will receive support – great news for the trackies, but possibly not so good for the roadies and MTBers who compete in much larger, more open fields.


Government to target dangerous drivers
The publication on 3 February of a long-awaited Government consultation paper setting out proposals to deal more effectively with bad or illegal driving has been broadly welcomed by the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation, CTC.
The CTC Campaigns and Policy Manager, Roger Geffen, said: “Whilst all cyclists will welcome the Government’s willingness at last to introduce tougher sentences for bad driving offences, particularly those which cause death or injury, CTC is disappointed that the proposals are still based on maintaining the arbitrary distinction between ‘dangerous’ and ‘careless’ driving. CTC, together other road safety organisations, believes that the resulting courtroom semantic arguments tend to hinder (rather than help) in the administration of proper justice for road crash victims.”


CTC will also continue to call for changes in the law on driver liability to make it easier for cyclists, and other non-motorised road users, to claim injury damages from drivers who hit them.