Thetford start for 2008 UK mountain bike series

Dusk 'Til Dawn crew takes over cross-country racing

Onwards and upwards for cross-country & enduro racing

Thetford MTB Racing will organise British Cycling’s 2008 national cross-country and endurance events, the organisation announced yesterday. Thetford MTB’s Frank Jaworski and Paul Hore are best known for the all-night Dusk ‘Til Dawn enduro, and have also promoted the Marin winter series.


The 2008 cross-country/endurance series will comprise five national points series (NPS) events with a one-day, stand-alone national championships that will not count toward series rankings. The weekend format will continue as it has in 2007 with cross-country races on Saturday and enduros on Sunday, but the previous 25km endurance distance will be dropped in favour of a 75km option.

The series will start in Thetford in April. Other locations have not yet been finalised, but Jaworski and Hore are scouting venues in Wales (including Margam Park), Scotland, Yorkshire, Lake District, and the Forest of Dean. One aim is to better spread the events around teh whole country. “Some of the criticism we’ve seen about the recent series was that it wasn’t a truly national series. We’re trying to spread the events out to cover a larger area,” Jaworski said.

The series will start in Thetford for purely pragmatic reasons. “With the limited planning time we’ve had, it made sense for us to stick to a venue we know well for the first round this year,” said Jaworski. “We easily accommodated over 800 riders this year at Dusk ‘Til Dawn from the Mayday Meadow area of the forest, and we will use this recently expanded area again for the opening round of the NPS.”


A dedicated website for the series is in development that will include online payment, current registered entries page, rider profiles, team profiles, race results, and an online forum. In the meantime, the team has opened an area to discuss the series on the forums at the Thetford MTB Racing website.