Top 5 cycling images on Google Street View

Crashes, races and more, all captured for posterity

Google’s Street View function has now been extended to 25 UK cities, allowing you to zoom in to street level on Google Maps.

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So what did we do to mark the occasion? That’s right, we scoured Google Maps for cycle crashes.

We came up trumps, and also unearthed some other cycle-related images. Here are our top 5.

1. Crash in Bristol, England

This corker of a crash happened at the junction of Stokes Croft and City Road in Bristol just as the Google camera van was passing by.

Fortunately it doesn’t look like either of the cyclists was seriously injured in the accident. The crash was spotted by users of Google Sightseeing.

This two-bike crash in bristol is captured for posterity on google street view:

2. Kid falls off his bike in Cleveland, Ohio

Street View has been available in the US for a while, giving us this classic tumble which we reported on last year.

This teenager was caught on camera crashing his bike in cleveland, ohio, last year.:

3. Google employees showing off

Here are some Google employees showing off outside their headquarters in Mountain View, California, as the camera van goes past.

Employees outside google’s headquarters in mountain view, california :

What are the guys in the background doing in the picture below? Some kind of dance routine?

What are the guys in the background doing? some kind of dance routine?:

4. Bird’s eye view of a cycle race

The Street View feature isn’t available in all areas, but there are still some gems on the basic Google Maps, such as this cycle race in progress in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. It was posted on the Chicago Bike Racing website.

Cycle race in elk grove village, illinois:

5. Recycling cyclist

This chap’s transporting an unfeasible number of cans on the back of his bike somewhere in Japan. It’s from the Google Street View Gallery.

This chap carrying an unfeasible number of cans on his bike was spotted on google street view:
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Have you spotted any cycle-related oddities on Google Maps? If so, send us a link. Have your say in the comments box below.