Total Cycle Assist offer 20 percent discount on bike accident cover

Save a fifth on year-round cycling accident cover for all the family

If you were involved in any form of cycling accident in the UK in the last, you’re not alone. Around 58 percent of cyclists have had one or more accidents, according to a recent survey.


If you’re one of the unfortunate ones then you’ll have already found out how completely on your own you can feel when it comes to straightening out yourself and your bike. Bikes are expensive, as are physiotherapy bills; no cover can mean large bills and no help.

It’s for these reasons BikeRadar that has teamed up with Total Cycle Assist to offer you the help and support you’d need if the worse were to happen. We’re currently running a special promotion so for just £20 a year (20 percent off the normal price), you can get cover not just for yourself, but your partner and children (under 21) and all of the bikes in your home. Just make sure you enter the voucher code BR123 when you join.

If you or your family are involved in a biking accident where somebody else is to blame, the Total Cycle Assist policy will ensure you’re covered. If the bike is a write-off, it’ll be replaced. If you’re injured, you’ll bypass lengthy NHS queues and get swift access to a private physiotherapist. If you need legal help then you can have specialist assistance at no extra cost.

The firm’s managing director, Richard Williams, told BikeRadar that should you ever need to make a claim, they’ll set the wheels in motion immediately. “Our focus is on our members and their families. We’re proud to say that we’re the only company in the UK that offers this kind of cover,” he said.

“Joining Total Cycle Assist means 24/7 expert help. We take our members’ claims in good faith. It’s all too easy to take a dim view of people, but the majority are honest folk who just want to get their claim through without hassle.”

One of the best features of the policy is that they’ll provide replacement bikes on a new-for-old basis. “If the bike is beyond repair, we’ll post a voucher out to the member to the value of the original bike,” he said. “There’s no restriction on sticking with what they bought originally either – they can choose any bike they like. There’s no excess to pay and no limit on the value of bike that can be covered.”

Total Cycle Assist from Assist Protect doesn’t cover theft, but their complementary product Theft Plus does.

Theft Plus – The Ultimate Cycling Cover

Bicycle theft is increasing fast, more than 550,000  a year are stolen,  and that’s just those that are reported. The real figure is much higher.

If you’ve experienced this you’ll know what an absolute nightmare it is. Assist Protect’s cycle cover products can’t stop that happening, but to be adequately covered for it they have TheftPlus. Hitting the problem head on, Theft Plus cover starts from  just £20 a year, giving fully comprehensive cover which includes replacement bike new for old, replacement parts, 100 percent paid-for repairs, legal help and private physiotherapy if you need it.

Making life easier it what it’s all about and so Theft Plus also includes the benefits of Total Cycle Assist including accident assistance, private healthcare and legal support.

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