Trans Germany slightly easier for 2008

For very small values of 'slightly'

Competitors in the 2007 Trans Germany set out in the sunshine & dust

The 2008 edition of the Craft Bike Trans Germany mountain bike stage race will be slightly shorter and slightly less hilly than in 2007, organizers have announced. But the event, which runs from 31 May to 7 June, won’t be exactly easy.


The race starts in St Wendel and finishes in Oberwiesenthal, crossing Germany’s central uplands to reach the Erz mountains some 806.75km and 17,893m of climbing later. That’s a whole 26.12km and 456m less than last year. Easy, then.

Trans Germany is very much the upstart rival to the long-established TransAlp race, which has its eleventh edition in July. TransAlp is shorter at 660.3km, but has more climbing – a total of  21,640m. Which is harder? Drop us a line if you’re planning to do both so you can tell us afterward; we’re getting tired just looking at the altitude profiles.

Two hundred teams have already signed up for Trans Germany, from countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark and Norway, and even as far away as South Africa and Australia.


Entries are still open in the five categories (men, women, mixed, master (combined age more than 80 years) and grand master (combined ag more than 100 years).