TransWales ’06

Details are just in of a brand new 7 day enduro event that'll take place across Wales next August, s

New 7 day enduro for the UK

Details are just in of a brand new 7 day enduro event that’ll take place across Wales next August, so listen up if you like your riding long.


TransWales ’06 is a seven day long two person team mountain bike stage that features linking stages and special stages and promises to put a fresh spin on the tradition of endurance stage events. Not just endurance but also tactics, the right equipment and the ability to pace both yourself and your team mate will be key.

The TransWales takes the concept of events like the TransAlp and the TransRockies and transplants it to the UK, but with a special twist. It’s not just a straight point-to-point event – there are optional timed special stages too. The special stages will take place on four of the Wales’ six internationally renowned purpose built trail centres, each rammed to the rafters with superb singletrack.

The linking stages require a certain amount of navigation and map reading to back-up the way-marking which will be put in place. There will also be a pre-set time limit which every team will try to get as close as possible to without breaking it. If a rider comes in after the time limit, penalty seconds will be added.

The special stages are optional. If a rider isn’t going for the crown they can sit out the special stages or just enjoy them as a fun-loaded singletrack fix without worrying about the time.

The special stages will be run as either relay (one rider starts, the other one takes over half way) or pairs (both riders ride together for the whole length) time trials.

The price for the TransWales ’06 is £400 per rider which includes: Ride entry, breakfast, lunch and dinner, usage of service stations, luggage and test transport from location to location, finishing jersey, map and course material, usage of facilities, camping at all stage locations starting with Saturday night at the White House Farm in Builth and finishing the following Saturday night at the same location, parking for the week and a mega event goodie holdall (worth more than £150)

There’s a prize fund of £15,000 – £5,000 in cash and £10,000 in products. The event will have 4 categories: Male, Female, Vets (40+) and Mixed.


Further details and a downloadable entry form are available on Alternatively you can send a SAE to: Mountain Bike Events Ltd, 3 Belmont Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 3PB.