Trek launch Fuel EX site

An interview with Trek's suspension guru and the story behind the new EX range


Following their official launch in May, Trek have produced a Fuel EX microsite, where you can ‘meet the EX family’ and read about the creation of the 2008 Fuel EX range, as well as check the geometry and specs of the bikes.


There are three videos to watch, in the first Trek Mountain Bike product manager John Riley gives an overview of the new range and the suspension technologies used, including the R1i suspension and the ABP [Active Braking Pivot]. The second is likely to be of most interest to anyone who likes to fiddle with their suspension, Trek Director of Suspension Technology [and ex-Manitou suspension guru] Jose Ganzalez talks us through in detail how [and why] the new suspension system on these bikes operates.

Finally the Fuel Ex product timeline is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the ‘how to build a bike’ process, from the beginning in December 2005, to the launch in May 2007. CAD designs and testing reports from the Fuel EX on Trek’s ‘King of the Mountain’ blog give an insight into the development of the final product.


Go to the site now to learn more.