Trek partners to open DreamBikes non-profit shop

Dane County Boys and Girls Club of Madison, Wisconsin

DreamBikes is now open and ready for business.

Founded by Trek Bicycle Corporation in partnership with the Dane County Boys and Girls Club of Madison, Wisconsin, DreamBikes is a non-profit used bicycle shop designed to help a community in need in a variety of ways.


Employed by members of the Boys and Girls Club’s “Job Ready” program, DreamBikes is dedicated to providing young people with a professional place to work, earn money, and learn valuable and marketable job skills for their future. The non-profit will work to ensure children and adults in their neighborhoods will have access to bicycles and helmets that they may not have otherwise been able to afford.  

As DreamBikes opened its doors to the community with a ribbon cutting ceremony, live music, a group bike ride and giveaways, John Burke, President of Trek Bicycle Corporation, committed the company’s continuing support to the innovative community bike store.

“Bicycles can expand people’s worlds and open doors that otherwise may be unattainable. Giving people the means to make positive changes in their lives is something that Trek is very proud of,” said John Burke, president of Trek. “Riding a bike is one of the simple great joys in life and we are dedicated to making that accessible to as many people as possible.”

DreamBikes, a nationally recognized not-for-profit organization, is currently accepting all donated bikes and has a staff waiting to transform what may be cluttering somebody’s garage into a well-tuned and affordably priced bicycle.   

Trek is a founder of DreamBikes  and appreciates the many cycling companies and local businesses that are partnering with The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to support the bike shop.  


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