Triathlon Plus magazine launched

UK's fastest growing sport gets a great new mag

The people behind BikeRadar are launching a new monthly magazine for triathletes. Triathlon Plus aims to celebrate the energy and excitement of the international racing scene, deliver the best training advice from top athletes, and showcase and review state-of-the-art equipment.


The 148-page magazine will be edited by keen triathlete Mat Brett, a former editor of Cycling Plus and Mountain Biking UK, at Future’s offices in Bath where Cycling Plus, Mountain Biking UK, What Mountain Bike, BikeRadar and Cyclingnews are produced. 

Since triathlon was added to the Olympic programme in Sydney in 2000, participation has doubled in the UK. The London Triathlon is the biggest in the world with 13,000 participants and last year in the UK alone there were 650 registered races and 100,000 entrants.

Simon Wear, Future’s chief operating officer, said: “The triathlon market has been growing at an incredible rate over the past few years. We believe there’s now a real appetite among both consumers and the industry for a magazine that provides high-end design and editorial content, and our track record in cycling gives us the ideal credentials to do this. We’re excited to be bringing something new and different to this dynamic market.”


The first edition of Triathlon Plus goes on sale on 7 April, priced at £3.99.