Turner Bikes gets new Australian distributor

New models expected in January

The 2009 Turner 5.Spot

Turner Bikes has a new Australian importer in SCV Imports, based near the capital Canberra.


While SCV is nominally handling Turner’s highly regarded US-made frames effective immediately, demand is so high that SCV’s Stuart Voysey says he doesn’t expect to see any frames until 2009.

A lot of that demand is coming from the UK where new importer Silverfish recently placed a big order for frames.

The first frames to hit Australia will be Sultan and Flux cross-country models, with DHR downhill machines probably not available till June. SCV plans to emphasise Turner’s cross-country bikes as well as the downhill machines that have been popular here thanks to the efforts of previous importer Downhill Direct.


The Australian dollar has been fluctuating rather wildly against the greenback recently, so it’s currently hard for SCV to set prices, but Voysey expects frames to typically cost AU$3,700-4,000.