Two earlier crashes on Welsh road

North Wales Police confirm there were two earlier crashes on the A547 before the incident that resul

North Wales Police confirm there were two earlier crashes on the A547 before the incident that resul



In the wake Britain’s worst cycling tragedy on Sunday, when four members of Rhyl CC were killed when hit by a car that skidded on an icy road, North Wales Police have confirmed that there were two crashes earlier that morning on the A547.

According to this morning’s Daily Post in Wales, Chief Superintendent Geraint Anwyl told Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane in an email yesterday there was a “non-injury collision” on the road at 5.26am and a second crash at 9am. At 10.10 a Toyota Corolla skidded into 12 Rhyl CC cyclists.

There has been intense speculation following the incident involving the cyclists about whether the road should have been gritted that morning following the earlier incidents. The local council has already revealed that the road was gritted the previous evening, but more rain fell afterwards and froze on the road overnight.

Mr Ruane told the Daily Post, “I am very concerned about the 5.26am accident. If ice was involved, then that was one chance to prevent the cyclist accident. And there was a second chance to avoid it after the 9am accident.”

Ch Supt Anwyl said in his email that ice did not appear to be a factor in the first crash, “but it is confirmed as a causation factor in the second. Contact was made with Denbighshire and Conwy councils at 8.24am and 8.53am following a report from a motorist of having seen a car skid on ice at Towyn Bridge.”

A separate statement from North Wales Police said: “This is a criminal investigation as is the right and proper procedure for any road traffic collision involving death or serious injury. The current speculation surrounding this tragic event is not helpful and could well hamper the investigation. North Wales police will therefore not be entering into any further discussion until the investigation into all aspects of the incident is complete.”


Funerals for three of the victims will be held next week. No details have yet been released about the funeral for the youngest victim of the crash, 14-year-old Thomas Harland.