UK cycle parking designers win top US award

Sexy indoor cycle parking

Two London architectural graduates, Anthony Lau and Jessica Lee, have recently won the New York CityRacks international design competition for indoor cycle parking.


Over 700 teams worldwide registered for the in-building competition with Lee and Lau sharing joint first place with a New York architectural practice, RSVP Studio.

The duo recently traveled to New York to collect a $5,000 prize from First Deputy Mayor of New York Patricia E. Harris. As winners they will have the opportunity to work with Google in installing their design at their New York headquarters.

Their winning design solution uses three modular pieces that could be installed in an unlimited number of combinations to conform to any size of room. A system of two-tier racks allow efficient double stacking of bicycles whilst vertical racks make use of narrow spaces by walls. To cater for peak demands in parking spaces during the summer, bicycles can be winched into the ceiling, utilising this otherwise unused space.

Commenting on existing bicycle storage rooms in buildings, Lau said: “Bicycle store rooms are usually afterthoughts in a building’s design. They are often uninspiring spaces characterised by ugly galvanised racks. An important part of our design was to enliven the bicycle store room through the use of colours and graphics so that the start and end of the bicycle journey becomes a pleasant experience. Cycle parking needs to look sexy!”

Lee added: “Our design is able to double the existing capacity of a typical room without making the space feel cluttered. The cantilevered two-tier racks reduce the need for additional structural support so the racks become more elegant and do not dominate the room. The three systems employed are based on standard bicycle parking products and is therefore a practical and cost effective solution.”

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