UK cycling crashes: Where are the accident hot-spots?

Data now available from Directgov

The British Government has released cycling crash data

UK cycle crash data showing the locations of reported accidents in 2005, 2006 and 2007 involving bicycles is now available from Directgov/innovate. Those familiar with Google Earth can use it to construct a map of the accidents, as there is no finished map available.


Are there ‘hot-spots? Any trends over time? Could this support a “plan a safer journey” service? What about helping to draw attention to the need for road improvements? These are all questions suggested for consideration on the Directgov/innovate website.

But CTC campaigns manager Roger Geffen sounded a note of warning about drawing apparently obvious conclusions. “Road safety data is always useful and we welcome its publication,” he said. “However, we would caution against the suggestion on the Directgov website that it can be used to see which roads are dangerous and which ones are safe. A road with lots of cyclist casualties isn’t necessarily a “dangerous” road, it might just be one that cyclists use a lot.”


How useful would you find it to be able to see where cycling accidents take place in your locality? How handy are you with Google Earth and have you constructed the map? Have your say below.