UK Cyclo-cross round-up: 2008 Inter-Area Team Cyclo-Cross Championships

East Midlands victorious

East Midlands were victorious

With five riders in the top ten of the senior race, host region East Midlands took victory in the 2008 Inter-Area Team Cyclo-Cross Championships on Sunday.


The event at Husbands Bosworth Airfield near Lutterworth attracted most of the nation’s top riders – but instead of riding for their usual teams they ride for their local region.

Being the host region usually proves to be decisive, and so it proved on Sunday with the East Midlands winning overall in the senior and veteran categories.

Only in the women’s race and youth race did they not win, with the Eastern region taking victory in the women’s event while London won the youth race.

Defending champions East Midlands looked dominant in the senior race, but they could not stop London’s Jody Crawforth winning the race from Dave Collins (East Midlands) while the North East’s Stuart Wearmouth took third.

To qualify for the overall title a region had to finish four riders from each team, with their placing in the overall being converted into points and the region with the fewest points taking victory.

And the East Midlands were convincing winners with 22 points, with Collins being joined by fourth-placed Dan Booth, seventh-placed Stephen Adams and ninth-placed Lee Shunburne.

Second-placed London had 40 points, with event winner Crawforth having back-up in the form of Darren Barclay in eighth, Stuart Jones in 15th and Chris Ansell in 16th.

In the veteran event, Geoff Giddings took victory for the East Midlands and was backed up by John Shaw and Keith Sperry in fifth and eighth respectively.

Yorkshire riders Matt Denby, Noel Clough and Chris Young were second third and fourth respectively and would have won the title, but with Denby and Young riding for Yorkshire B and Clough for Yorkshire A, they did not count as a trio. Instead, Yorkshire B finished second and Yorkshire A third.

East Midlands rider Annie Last won the women’s event, but with her best two team-mates coming in eighth and tenth it was left to the Eastern region to take the overall team prize. Rachel Moss was second, while Faith Addison and Susan Wood were fifth and seventh respectively.

Luke Grivell-Mellor proved a convincing winner of the Youth race, but his West Midlands team could only take second overall with colleagues Joshua Papworth and Joe Page taking sixth and 13th respectively.

The youth team prize went to London A, who had Max Sykes in second spot, Taylor Johnstone in fourth and Hugo Humphrey in fifth.

* Tim Dunford won the fifth round of the Wessex League at OxfordSchool, Cowley, on Saturday, crossing the line two minutes clear of Matt Denby, the Zepnat rider who was getting in some last minute practice before riding for Yorkshire the following day in the Inter-Area Team Championships.

Hargroves Cycles rider Dunford hit the front early in the race and was chased initially followed by Paul Lloyd (Didcot Phoenix) but he dropped back and packed shortly after, leaving veteran Denby to take second while Dunford’s team-mate Mike Warner was third.

* Scott Weekly (VC Lincoln) dominated the sixth round of the Lincolnshire League at Hubbards Hill on Sunday, crossing the line almost five minutes before his nearest rival.


With a huge 32mm of rain having fallen overnight the course was somewhat boggy, and the river at the bottom of the bank was a raging torrent, but Weekly mastered the conditions to beat team-mate Mark Preston into second spot. Paul McInally (Rock n Road Cycles) was third, while only another four riders managed to avoid being lapped by Weekly.

Inter-Area Team Championships (Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire):
1 Jody Crawforth (London A)
2 Dave Collins (East Midlands A)
3 Stuart Wearmouth (North East A)
4 Dan Booth (East Midlands A)
5 Duncan Jamieson (Western A)
6 Keith Murray (North East A)
Overall: 1 East Midlands A 22 pts, 2 London A 40 pts, 3 North East A 57 pts.
1 Geoff Giddings (East Midlands A)
2 Matt Denby (Yorkshire B)
3 Noel Clough (Yorkshire A)
4 Chris Young (Yorkshire B)
5 John Shaw (East Midlands A)
6 Anthony Green (Wessex A)
Overall: 1 East Midlands A 14 pts, 2 Yorkshire B 15 pts, 3 Yorkshire A 20 pts.
1 Annie Last (East Midlands A)
2 Rachel Moss (Eastern A)
3 Jessica Roberts (Yorkshire A)
4 Jasmine Adams (West Midlands A)
5 Faith Addison (Eastern A)
6 Lisa Parsons (South West A)
Overall: 1 Eastern A 14 pts, 2 East Midlands A 19 pts, 3 Yorkshire A 27 pts.
1 Luke Grivell-Mellor (West Midlands A)
2 Max Sykes (London A)
3 Alistair Slater (East Midlands A)
4 Taylor Johnstone (London A)
5 Hugo Humphreys (London A)
6 Joshua Papworth (West Midlands A)
Overall: 1 London A 11 pts, 2 West Midlands A 20 pts, 3 Yorkshire A 35 pts.
Wessex League (Oxford School, Cowley, 13.5 miles):
1 Tim Dunford (Hargroves Cycles) 1hr 02min 44sec
2 Matt Denby (Zepnat RT) at 2:00
3 Mike Warner (Hargroves Cycles) at 4:00
4 Mike Groves (Hargroves Cycles)
5 Malcolm Cross (Hargroves Cycles)
6 William Girvan (North Hampshire RC)
7 Crispin Doyle (Swindon RC)
8 Gary Allen (GA Cycles)
9 Robin Wilmott (GA Cycles)
10 Andy Powell (Hargroves Cycles)
Veterans: Matt Denby.
Women: Claire Smith (Swindon RC).
Juniors: James Astbury (DH Cyclesport).
1 Rob Yeatman (Oxonian CC) 32min 13sec
2 Harvey Lowe (GA Cycles) at 9sec
3 Luke Cowley (Swindon RC) at 3:19
4 Leon Mander (Chapel Tri Stars) at 7:17
5 Isaac Staff (Swindon RC) at 10:32
6 George Bates (Reading CC) at 1 lap
Girls: Kerry Hutchinson (Swindon RC).
Under-14s: Harvey Lowe.
1 Jack Phillips (Chapel Tri Stars)
2 Robin Gronbech (Oxford City RC)
3 Tom Sewell (Swindon RC)
Girls: Rhianna Jones (Swindon RC).
Lincolnshire League (Hubbards Hill, Lincolnshire):
1 Scott Weekly (VC Lincoln) 54min 59sec
2 Mark Preston (VC Lincoln) at 4:43
3 Paul McInally (Rock n Road Cycles) at 5:19
4 Chris Ledger (Zepnat RT) at 5:38
5 Mick Rowson (JD Cycles) at 6:28
6 Ivan Oxborough (VC Lincoln) at 7:05
7 Andy Barnard (Time RT) at 7:22
8 Tim Rowson (JD Cycles) at 1 lap
9 Roger Broughton (Alford Wheelers) at 1 lap
10 James Shaw (VC Lincoln) at 1 lap
Veterans: Chris Ledger.
Juniors: Paul Clarke (Lincoln Wheelers).
1 Jordan Gell (VC Lincoln) 26min 11sec
2 George Thompson (Sleaford Wheelers) at 2:16
3 Adam De Smit (VC Lincoln) at 4:34
4 Tom Simpson (VC Lincoln) at 5:26
6 Lennox Saint (Boston Wheelers) at 1 lap
Under-12s: Freddy Payne (VC Lincoln).
Girls: Abigail Armstrong (VC Lincoln).
Under-10s: James Armstrong (VC Lincoln).