UK National Points Series 4X roundup

We recap eight days of intense competition

The series' winners pose with thier new gear

The NPS4X series has just come to a close, with a record number of riders turning out to tackle four tracks and eight days of hard riding over the season. The prize up for grabs was the biggest yet: Hayes brakes, Manitou forks, Halo wheels, Spank bits, ODI grips, FSO sunglasses and Hope trophies combined to give a massive £15,000 of goodies to be won.


Pro Elite class rider Scott Beaumont came away with a fair chunk of that prize money. His benchmark performance saw him become the first ever rider to take both the National Championship jersey and the overall series title in a single year.  

While Scott did his thing in the Elite class, ex-European BMX Champ Charlie Phillips dominated the female seniors, taking the podium without too much hassle.

The Juniors set things alight for fans of intense competition, with Bernard Kerr and Scott Roberts battling for the crown all season long. It all came down to the final, but Roberts fell at the bottom of the start hill, letting Kerr take the win. They finished the season with 224 points apiece, but Kerr’s victory on the day secured him the title.

In the Masters, Steve Jones blasted back onto the racing scene after his year out, taking first place. Hot on his tail was Nigel Smith, who placed an impressive second in his first full year of racing 4X.


Pro Elite

1 Scott Beaumont (Rocky Mountain)

2 Martin Ogden (RAM Bikes)

3 Lewis Lacey (Charge Bikes)

Female Seniors

1 Charlie Phillips (Curtis Bikes) 

2 Sarah Jane Hewitt (Big daddy groove/Flat-out racing)

3 Kathy Curd


1 Bernard Kerr (Team Identiti)

2 Scott Roberts (Flow Bikes) 

3 Dale Russell (MAW Racing)


1 Mick Ridgway (Dialled Bikes)

2 Nick Geoghegan (

3 Liam Munn


1 Steve Jones   

2 Nigel Smith (MAW Racing)

3 Simon Rickett (Dirt Bike Supply/Guak)


1 Sean Hanson 

2 Ian Wherry (Dirt Bike Supply/Guak) 

3 Gary Gray (Team Graysmiths)


1 Tom Knight (MTB-Bitz) 

2 Elliott Simmons 

3 Jake Ward


1 Alex Metcalfe (MAW Racing)

2 Matthew Jones (Team Identiti)


3 Isaac Mundy